Jon picks up the phone

When Bloomberg Industry Group decided to lay off 18 copy editors and instructed them to reapply, test and interview for identical jobs with identical duties, our Guild was devastated by the cruel method the company took to reduce our workforce.

Fatima Hussein

Fatima Hussein

On the day of the chaos of layoffs, I got a call from Jon Schleuss. “How can I help,” he said. 

As unit chair of an open shop at a company that continually undermines our Guild’s power, I am used to fending off anti-union messaging with an optimism that with each new signed member, our shop will grow and prosper. I am, however, not used to ever receiving a call, let alone an offer to help from our parent union. 

To me, Jon represents a change in course and an abandonment of the status quo so many union leaders have experienced for many years. We have long expected to do it alone. 

But Jon is a change I am looking forward to seeing. 

The NewsGuild is in need of strong elected leadership now more than ever, to help us represent employees who have an array of needs when we stand up for their rights in the workplace.

Having served as a leader at several shops over the years, and witnessing the new wave of unionization efforts at media companies, I am hopeful that the NewsGuild can tackle all the issues that come with new shops and legacy units, all while building our membership. 

I put in many hours every day to my union for free, with the expectation that those paid to represent us will do so with all of their energy. 

Sometimes it’s as simple as a phone call. That is something I’ve never received from the incumbent. 

Jon spends time listening to the needs of unit leaders from various industries, recognizes our shortfalls and has new ideas to make us operate more efficiently, while growing our power. 

Most importantly, he offers to help.

The media unionizing landscape is rapidly changing and we need someone who has the energy and intelligence to move us forward. Someone who will be there for us in a time of need. 

That’s why I’m voting for Jon this November. 

In Solidarity,

Fatima Hussein

Legal reporter and unit chair at Bloomberg Industry Group

Fatima Hussein