“The union’s new membership enthusiasm and momentum that is currently on such a contagious run needs the kind of engaging, we’re-all-in-this-together leader that Jon Schleuss has demonstrated in Los Angeles he is. I would argue we in this movement and this industry don’t have four years to wait for him.” — Diane Mastrull, President of The NewsGuild of Greater Philadelphia and NewsGuild-CWA Vice President

“Jon Schleuss is energetic, smart, inquisitive and forward-thinking.” Lise Lareau, Former President, Canadian Media Guild

“He listens. He focuses. He responds. He follows through. Those are the same attributes that landed this union’s long-held impossible dream last year when Jon and his fellow organizers brought Los Angeles Times journalists into the NewsGuild.” — Melissa Nelson, Retired NewsGuild director of collective bargaining

“…members and leaders in The Washington Post Newspaper Guild — are thrilled to enthusiastically, confidently and proudly endorse Jon Schleuss for NewsGuild president.” — Washington Post Guild Leadership

“Without Jon Schleuss, there would be no L.A. Times Guild. It was Jon, who determined that we could no longer tolerate management's status quo at the Los Angeles Times and asked the simple question, 'What if we unionized?' He followed that question with action: he was an early, indefatigable organizer and a swift communicator.” — Carolina Miranda, Reporter and co-chair of the L.A. Times Guild

“At a time when journalists and journalism are under assault, we need strong, accountable leadership at The NewsGuild. Proud to support Jon’s campaign.” — Ben Casselman, Econ/business/data reporter for The New York Times

“Jon Schleuss played an instrumental role in one of the most inspiring campaigns in Guild history. His energy, drive, and creativity will transform the International into the true union for 21st century journalism.” — The Nation staff

“Jon was instrumental in planning and executing what a long-time Guild organizer called the best campaign he had ever seen — a campaign that led the newsroom of the famously anti-union Los Angeles Times to overwhelmingly vote to join the News Guild.” — Bettina Boxall, Pulitzer-prize winning reporter and vice chair of the L.A. Times Guild

“We are at a turning point, and experience trying the same failed tactics and methods of years and decades past will not change our future - Jon’s forward looking judgement and commitment to engaging our entire membership will.” — Dan Gabor, Unit chair of the AFL-CIO

“Jon spends time listening to the needs of unit leaders from various industries, recognizes our shortfalls and has new ideas to make us operate more efficiently, while growing our power. Most importantly, he offers to help.” — Fatima Hussein, Legal reporter and unit chair at Bloomberg Industry Group

“I couldn’t have organized the Times-Union this last summer without the playbook Jon Schleuss developed at The Los Angeles Times.” — Andrew Pantazi, Reporter at The Florida Times-Union

“He brought ideas, focus and energy to our organizing campaign that were instrumental to our success.” — Anthony Pesce, Data reporter and co-chair of the L.A. Times Guild

“Jon Schleuss, a primary driver of establishment of a shop at The L.A. Times, has my vote for president of The NewsGuild. He's at the front lines of the technologies and demands reshaping our work lives, and has the ideas and energy to help the Guild reinvent to best navigate our transforming industry. He also has veteran union advisers to make sure the best of the past informs our path to the future. Please give his ideas a full and fair hearing.” — Andrea Kannapell, The New York Times

“Jon Schleuss is one of the best things to happen to the NewsGuild in years. He brings a savvy understanding of how to mobilize members and a proven record of organizing and leadership. Campaign for him, invite him to your area, donate to his campaign. Vote for him. Jon is the real deal.” — Randy Furst, Reporter at the Minneapolis Star Tribune

“I urge you to support Jon, who is exactly the kind of thoughtful and tireless leader the International needs in this particularly challenging media landscape.” — Lainna Fader, The New Yorker

“I believe Jon is the right person to lead the Guild for the next four years. He comes from the L.A. Times unit, where he helped lead a historic organizing drive in 2018, an organizing victory that has inspired hundreds more in other newsrooms to join the Guild.” — Linda Foley, Former NewsGuild president (1995-2008)

“Jon brings both intellect and a passion for people to union work that is sorely missing in leaders today.” — Ivan Penn, Reporter at the New York Times

“Jon's vision, good humor and unshakable commitment to protecting the rights of journalists at The Times are the same reasons he is the person we need to lead the International Guild.” — Nathan Fenno, Reporter at the L.A. Times

“Jon was instrumental in starting and sustaining our organizing drive. That not only saved our legacy, it energized newsrooms across the country.” — Alex Wigglesworth, Reporter and bargaining committee member of the L.A. Times Guild

“Jon is one of the smartest, bravest and most creative union leaders I've ever encountered. He was exactly what we needed to finally organize the Los Angeles Times newsroom.” — Paul Pringle, Pulitzer-prize winning reporter and vice chair of the L.A. Times Guild

Important dates

Late October: All ballots mailed to members

Nov. 12-17: In-person voting period for some locations

Dec. 9: Ballots due back to AAA PO Box

Dec. 10: Vote count in New York

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We have a historic opportunity to modernize the International NewsGuild. Thanks to the vigilance and commitment of our members, you now have a second chance to elect an international president and take back our union. The 11-year incumbent prevented thousands of our colleagues from casting ballots in the first vote.

As president, I will guarantee fairness and openness in everything the NewsGuild headquarters does.

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