L.A. Times newsroom gets an agreement

What a tremendous day! A campaign that began in secret nearly three years ago has now made history for all to see — a tentative agreement on the first-ever union contract for Los Angeles Times journalists. 

It took more than 15 months, but we reached a tentative agreement over the whole contract.

It took more than 15 months, but we reached a tentative agreement over the whole contract.

A huge thanks to the LAT Guild Bargaining Committee for its 15 months of hard, selfless and brilliant work. For many of our members, this contract will turn financial struggle into financial security. And it will grant all of us critical layoff, just-cause, diversity and outsourcing protections never before seen at The Times in its 138 years of publishing.

Here are some more wins:

  • An immediate 12.5% increase to overall payroll, with an average raise of more than $11,000.

  • About 200 people are getting raises of at least $10,000.

  • A $250 advance on the digital subscription incentive program for every member of the unit (essentially, a signing bonus).

  • Extensive wage scales for minimum pay, locking in step raises that extend to 21 years of industry experience.

  • Almost everyone will receive a raise of at least 5%. In years two and three of the contract, everyone will receive raises of at least 2.5%.

  • Job protections including a “just cause” disciplinary standard, seniority in layoffs, and limits on the company’s ability to subcontract or outsource your work.

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Our members stayed committed on the long and often uncertain road that led to today's milestone. More thanks to everyone who spent endless hours serving on the other Guild committees. That list begins with the folks who, as far back as 2016, put their livelihoods on the line and much of their lives on hold to make our organizing campaign a success.

It's an exciting time. Perhaps more than anything, this contract gives us the tools to safeguard the journalism that is essential to the continued revival of our beloved newspaper. 

I am so proud of my colleagues!

Jon Schleuss