Committee orders rerun of NewsGuild election

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I am thrilled that the NewsGuild’s election committee called today for a re-run of the 2019 election, enabling members of new Guild units to actively participate. A free and fair election is the first step to reforming our union.

What this means: If you are a new member of the Guild, you will be eligible to vote, even if you have not yet ratified a contract or begun paying dues. Voting will begin in late October, and the count will be held Dec. 10. 

About 2,000 new members were prevented in voting in the last election. Ask union leadership how you can become eligible to vote today. I’m also asking for specifics and will update you as soon as I know.

Widespread irregularities in balloting, a lack of transparency and dismal turnout in the first vote underscored the problems at headquarters. It’s been more than a decade since the Guild has had a competitive election for its top leadership.

My campaign made it clear that members are hungry for a new, modern vision that takes an aggressive stance at the bargaining table while expanding our numbers to include every journalist and media worker in North America.

Though I do not take leaving my job at the Los Angeles Times lightly, I am honored by the opportunity to serve our members everywhere. This is our moment to seize on the momentum of the last few years and build a path toward a more ambitious, forward-thinking NewsGuild. 

We cannot spoil our second chance to make our union stronger. Please help in any way you can: 

Jon Schleuss