We’re in D.C. for the vote count

Tomorrow, NewsGuild election committee members will start opening envelopes and counting ballots in the first competitive election we’ve had in 11 years.

My husband Aleks and I at the National Mall

My husband Aleks and I at the National Mall

I’m in D.C. with my husband and observers to watch the counting process for you. We hope to have preliminary results by Thursday.

As soon as I know the results, I’ll share them with you.

This election has been difficult for many of us. But it has been absolutely necessary.

We need regular elections to connect our members and debate the issues affecting our work. Through elections we can find better ways to strengthen our union.

Today more than ever, our industry is under attack, and we need to work together to mobilize, organize, communicate and bargain.

I’ve run this campaign while working at the Los Angeles Times and teaching two classes at USC. During weekends and using vacation time, I’ve traveled across the U.S. and Canada to meet and otherwise connect with thousands of our members.

I am grateful to everyone who attended my campaign events, talked with me, asked questions, and graciously offered me their insights, expertise and suggestions.

I am also thankful to the members and leaders who opened up their homes and workplaces to me.

And I could not have run a campaign without the help of donors who supported me. I am overwhelmed by their generosity.

I am excited about what comes next. Thank you again!

Jon Schleuss