Ballots are out! Here’s how to vote [again]

The American Arbitration Association has finished mailing ballots to members across the U.S. and Canada last week. That means you should be receiving a ballot soon. 

We updated our video from the first election about this re-run. Here’s how to vote:

If you don’t get a mail ballot soon (and you’re not in one of the units below), request a replacement ballot through the American Arbitration Association at 800-529-5218 or

To be eligible to vote, members must have paid dues in June, July or August 2019 and not be expelled from membership before the ballot count. 

Most members will receive a ballot by mail to their home address. But members in these locations will vote in person on these dates: 

November 12:

  • The Buffalo News

  • Free Press and Detroit News

  • Daily Freeman

  • Philadelphia Inquirer/Daily News

November 13:

  • Boston Globe

  • Macomb - Clinton Township, MI

  • UAW - Southfield, MI

  • Erie Times-News

  • Daily Freeman

  • SPP Office

  • Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

  • The Sault Star

  • Providence Journal

  • Worcester Telegram & Gazette

November 14:

  • Observer & Eccentric

  • Erie Times-News

  • Indianapolis Star

  • Daily Freeman

  • New Hampshire Union Leader

  • Cherry Hill Office Newsroom

  • The Sault Star

  • Brockton Enterprise

  • Telemundo

  • WAPA

  • Univision

  • Teleisla (Supersiete)

  • CG Printing

  • UPAGRA Officers

November 15:

  • Indianapolis Star

November 16:

  • Indianapolis Star

November 17:

  • Indianapolis Star Press

Here are all the times and polling locations.

Jon Schleuss