Law360 Union Unit Council Unanimously Endorses Jon

The Law360 Unit Council has unanimously endorsed Jon Schleuss for president of The NewsGuild International.

Jon visited the Law360 offices in Manhattan on Sept. 10.

Jon visited the Law360 offices in Manhattan on Sept. 10.

Jon was a key member of the Los Angeles Times’ historic unionization effort and has been a smart, energetic presence in the union since then.

He has demonstrated his dedication to NewsGuild members, meeting with shops all across the country to learn more about the issues that affect them specifically, as well as the issues affecting our union at large. His platform calls for improving the NewsGuild’s transparency and forging new and better connections with locals so the international can more effectively serve its members. Expanding the access that smaller locals have to organizing and bargaining resources is also a key part of his plan.

During his campaign, Jon has gained the trust of experienced union leaders and proven that he is willing to learn and can revitalize the international office in Washington, D.C.

The Law360 Unit Council is inspired by Jon’s ideas and commitment to reform and believe he is the best choice to run the International.

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